SA-FE is the protocol for voluntary auditing, which is supervised by the consultancy of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. SA-FE certifies both the respect of the new sanitary regulations and the commitment of the Entrepreneur to understand and properly apply all of the anti-contamination guidance suggested by national and international institutions, trade associations and specialized Corporations.

SA-FE Benefit Corporation

SA-FE is the result of the work of a group of professionals willing to act concretely to support the Hospitality Sector, recreating the Clients’ trust and relaunching such an important industry for the national economy.

SA-FE combines the skills of various professionals, who represent the best expertise in essential sectors that sustain the hospitality business: consultancy, construction and procurement management, engineering and architectural planning, interior design, fiscal and legal consultancy, asset management, international relationships.


SA-FE is a tool, not only useful to guarantee the respect of the correct application of the regulations, but also assigning a hundredth score, to every facility, based on straight controls and protocols.

SA-FE conducts a due diligence of the facility, focused on the industrial and the business plan, reassuring the Clients and offering to the Entrepreneurs inputs for improving their organization and the revenues.

Silver - SA-FE Gold - SA-FE Platinum - SA-FE
Auditing - SA-FE


SA-FE combines the two Hospitality milestones: Health and Happiness.

SA-FE combines the two main hospitality priorities: health and happiness. Health is interpreted as a common good that everyone has to protect and respect. Happiness can be interpreted as the right of everyone to gradually return to freedom with total respect of community. It also can be interpreted as the entrepreneurs possibility to relaunch their business through a strategic plan.

SA-FE wants to offer certainty if there is doubt, to bring trust where there is fear, to navigate routes where a change is needed, to reward the effort where new challenges are taken.

Mission - SA-FE

SA-FE Team & Expertise

Antonio Asquino - SA-FE

Antonio Asquino

Project coordinator

GPA Works. CEO

Massimiliano Cecconi - SA-FE

Massimiliano Cecconi

Programm management

GPA Director

Giovanni Olmi - SA-FE

Giovanni Olmi

Risk management


Marco Ciccone - SA-FE

Marco Ciccone

Construction management


Mirco Gheller - SA-FE

Mirco Gheller

Interior e arredo


Alberto Apostoli - SA-FE

Alberto Apostoli


Studio Apostoli CEO

Matteo Mantovani - SA-FE

Matteo Mantovani

Asset and property management

Currie & Brown Managing Director Italy

Stefano Ballerini - SA-FE

Stefano Ballerini

Revenue management


Leonardo Masi - SA-FE

Leonardo Masi

Legal consultancy

Giovannelli & Associati Partner

Ottone Puopolo - SA-FE

Ottone Puopolo

Strategic consultancy

Gokto Hospitality Founder


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